Key Programme Areas of the Council

Umbrella organization of all Youth in Uganda between the ages of 18-30 years.

The National Youth Council is structured along with six component programmes that are related and interlinked. The component programmes are as follows;

  1. Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Programme

This component has six sub-programmes. These include;

  • Health Education.
  • Strengthen collaborations, coordination, and networking on AH (Adolescent Health)
  • Technical and institutional capacity for youth organizations to advocate and promote health programmes for youth.
  • Hold, promote and support youth campaigns that enhance behavioral change
  • Develop, print and distribute I.E.C. materials
  1. Leadership and Youth Participation

This programme area is aimed at increasing the opportunities for the involvement of youth as well as ensuring effective youth promotion and empowerment which will in-turn result in effective youth participation in the development process of this country. Research has actually shown that only through integrated promotion and strengthening of youth capabilities and self-esteem that they are able to use the available participation structures. These structures consist of;

  • Youth leaders participating in policy formulation processes
  • Increased youth involvement in decision-making processes
  • Have in place informed, organized and effective youth leaders and Relevant IEC materials developed
  • Technical advice and support services provided to youth council structures;
  • Training programmes targeting the different categories of youth in leadership positions at all levels developed and implemented.
  1. Advocacy, research, and coordination

This central programme focuses on the following sub-programmes;

  • Develop NYC Communication and Advocacy Strategy
  • Develop Research capacity to enable NYC to conduct Research on Key Youth issues.
  • Sensitize, mobilize, educate and conscioustise the youth on government programmes as well as their roles and obligations.
  • Coordinate and supervise other youth organizations.
  • Linkages with stakeholders for purposes of implementing and developing policies and laws that are sensitive to the youth established.
  • Train youth in communities to demand services and monitor government programmes.
  • Work with civil society
  1. Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Development 

This component includes:

  • Advocate for a Nation Youth Employment Policy
  • Advocate for the establishment of youth-friendly employment policies in the public and private sectors.
  • Promote entrepreneurship culture among the youth.
  • Promote youth participation in agricultural production, processing, and marketing.
  • Advocate for relevant and appropriate educational curriculum.
  • Establish youth employment bureaus in each region of Uganda.
  • Establish youth libraries and information centre at every district.
  • Initiate a model youth business and entrepreneurship project at the national level.
  1. Volunteerism, Internship / Mentorship Placements Programme

This programme consists of the following key areas;

  • Encourage youth to take up volunteering placements in public and private organizations.
  • Lobby for the establishment of a National Volunteering Scheme by an Act of Parliament.
  • Develop a National Internship Policy.
  1. NYC Institutional Strengthening and Development

This programme consists of the following key areas;

  • Purchase equipment and materials for Youth Council structures
  • Initiate steps for construction of a National Youth Centre
  • Develop NYC Recreation and Sports Programme.
  • Build NYC organizational systems including implementation of the NYC Act.
  • Diversify funding sources and increase the resource base
  • Enhance NYC Public Image.

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