Sub-county Council

Umbrella organization of all Youth in Uganda between the ages of 18-30 years.

Section 5 of the National Youth Council Act provides for the establishment of a sub-county, division or town youth council. However according to section 7 of the principal enactment is amended by replacing subsection (3) with the following components of a Division, Municipal or Town Youth Council as follows; -

  1. All members of the Parish Youths Executive Committees in Sub-county, Division, Municipality or Town;
  2. Two students elected by the sub-county, Division, Municipality or Town Executive Committees in consultation with the Uganda National Students’ Association in the District, one of whom shall be female;
  3. One youth with disability nominated by the organizations of persons with disabilities in the sub-county, Division, Municipality or Town;
  4. The two Youths Councilors on the Sub-county, Division, Municipality or Town, local Government Council as an ex-officio member;
  5. The Sub-county, Division, Municipality or Town Community officer as an ex-officio member;

The Executive Secretary at the sub-county, Division, Municipality or Town level as ex-officio.

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