Our country Uganda continues to lead the presentation of a world growing younger, young people in the country below 30 now account for a dominating majority of over 80% of the population. The NYC represents an opportunity for our country to provide a face to the voices of this big number and the hope to meet young people at their points of need.

With more than 635,000 elected youth leaders at all levels of administration in Uganda, the NYC has a surpassing capacity to mobilize and influence youth action in the country.
Our 2020/2025 NYC strategic investment focuses on five program areas to achieve our expected capacity to influence the governance and participation of Ugandan youth in the present development agenda and emerging needs.

We hope that the awareness of this plan to emerging needs among youth like Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, active and qualitative participation in governance, advocacy for critical sustainability issues like Climate Action, and additive efforts on the pressing needs around labour and employment will inspire partnerships with many stakeholders.

No nation develops by mistake; development is a consequence of conscious action. We, therefore, look forward to the achievement of many timely needs of young people with your support and help, For God and our Country.

Jacob Eyeru
National Youth Council

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